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Reduce Cravings for Sweets Naturally


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- America as a whole is a nation addicted to sugars. Found in everything from candies to cereal, and soda to high-fructose corn syrup filled drinks, these simple sugars contribute greatly to the rising obesity epidemic. But with our increasingly busy lifestyles, and lack of exercise, the body craves these types of sugars for energy to perform simple functions. How can this habitual craving for simple, unhealthy starches be changed into something healthier? Below are some natural suggestions for curing a sweet tooth.

One of the quickest ways to combat cravings for sugary treats is to ensure a person is adequately hydrated. Dehydration decreases physical and mental performance, leading to the body craving additional sources of energy to compensate for the decline in function. Even as little as a 5 percent reduction in hydration levels can reduce mental and physical function by up to 30 percent. Before reaching for the candy bar, try reaching for a tall glass of water to see if it assists in perking up mental performance.

Swapping out sweet treats for other sweet tasting items is another way to combat cravings for sugar. A few to consider are switching out whole fruit instead of consuming a glass of fruit juice, exchanging the white bread on a sandwich for wheat bread or pita bread to lower consumption of simple carbohydrates. Other switches can be oatmeal for traditional cereals, or sourdough bread for toast with eggs. These switches will provide more complex carbohydrates that will provide the body with a longer source of energy over a sugary snack.

Another important tool in combating sugar cravings is to ensure the body is sufficiently fueled throughout the day by consuming enough calories for a person’s activity level. Each meal and snack should consist of a source of protein to keep the body full longer, and a carbohydrate to provide energy. Also included should be some snacks of various vegetables. Vary the preparation, or add low-fat dip for extra flavor if vegetables are hard to palate.

Simple changes will ultimately lead to less consumption of simple sugars, increasing health and assisting in decreasing weight at the same time.

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