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Reducing Chance of Injury Using PickCarts Proves Effective According to Pcdata USA


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Many industries have successfully implemented ergonomic solutions in facilities to address workers' injury risks. These interventions include modifying existing equipment, making changes in work practices, and purchasing new tools or other devices to assist in the production process. Making these changes reduces physical demands, eliminates unnecessary movements, and lowers injury rates; it also decreases associated workers' compensation costs and reduces employee turnover. Work efficiency and productivity increases as well.

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Reducing the chance of injury requires that work tasks are designed to limit exposure to ergonomic risk factors. Where possible, engineering controls are the most desirable. Personal protection solutions are effective when dealing with ergonomic hazards. Engineering Controls require implementing a physical change to the workplace, which eliminates/reduces the hazard on the job. Other solutions include using PickCarts.

PickCarts also reduce the weight of a load to limit force exertion. Pick-to-light solutions allow work, eliminating long or excessive reach and enable work in neutral postures. It is also wise to use diverging conveyors off a main line so that tasks are less repetitive. Installing diverters on conveyors to direct materials toward the worker.

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