Reducing the Weight of Packaging Opens Up New Consumer Opportunities: Uwrap Comments


Blackpool, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2016 -- A new report released by the environmental newsletter Use Less Stuff (ULS) has revealed that packaging choices are increasingly driven by customer perceptions and requirements. Especially notable in 2016 is that customers are concentrating on sustainable and ethical solutions; associating this with quality. Hence there is pressure, in order to retain popularity, for packaging to be streamlined and minimizing wastage; hence why more customers than ever are equating a low packaging weight with a higher quality product. Therefore, making their packaging as sleek and efficient as possible could be considered the way forward for businesses wanting to attract further custom.

Ensuring that packaging is light and efficient can be carried out through a range of methods, though a popular and time-proven technique is through shrink wrapping. As the report also revealed that many packing designs are driven by customer perceptions, shrink wrap could be considered ideal as it offers a complete coverage yet still allows the consumer to see and interact with the product. It is also thin whilst offering a potentially air-tight seal. Keen to comment on the importance of shrink wrap and quality packaging for consumers was Uwrap, and a spokesperson had this to say:

"More people are picking products with a streamlined, slick packaging. Bulky, heavy packing is losing popularity for a range of reasons; it is not only cumbersome, but costs the environment and often is pricier for customers too. Shrink wrap moves away from excesses and provides a complete solution which can be lower on waste and weight, yet with plenty of versatility. That's why we provide a range of new and used shrink wrap machines here at Uwrap."

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