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Redwood Options Announces Release of Reworked Augmented Training Course

Binary options platform continues push for more effective investor education


Cadiz, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Binary options specialist Redwood Options recently announced the release of a newly revamped educational asset aimed at traders of all skill levels. "Offering the innovative opportunities that we do, we've put a lot of effort into helping investors learn the ropes," company representative Thomas White explained, "Our new free options trading guide is going to help greatly in this endeavor, and we predict that more investors than ever will find success through using it." This eBook walks investors through everything they need to know to get started trading binary options, from basic terminology to advanced functionality of Redwood's trading platform.

The binary options the company offers to investors are a relatively recent development in the investment space. Where traditional options derive their value from the right they represent to buy or sell a given asset at a particular price, binary options are paid off by their underwriter at a set level. This makes them more approachable to investors, and interest in them has risen greatly over the past few years. "We've found that even novice investors become comfortable with binary options quite quickly when they are introduced to them properly," White elaborated, "And we've seen many of our new clients learn how to make $140 in 3 minutes, or better, soon after signing up."

The company offers binary options based upon a wide array of assets. Clients can easily make investments which represent their viewpoints concerning the future movements of currency exchange rates, stock market indexes or even commodities. Payoffs for each of these options are clearly displayed at all times and change in real-time depending upon activity on the underlying markets and other factors. Investors find these clear-cut alternatives much easier to understand and gauge the value of than traditional options.

"We want all of our clients to succeed," Thomas White continued, "But even for those trades which don't do so, we're better than the competition." Uniquely among such trading platforms, Redwood Options returns 10% of an option's initial price when it finishes out of the money. Beginning investors find that this feature allows them to trade with greater confidence, while experienced traders appreciate the greater overall return on investment it affords them.

Redwood options also distinguishes itself thanks to the caliber and experience levels of its staff members. It has drawn from experts in the financial, risk management, and computer security industries to create a platform which leads the pack in many ways. "Investor confidence and safety are major passions of ours," White avowed, "And we are committed to staying at the forefront in terms of security and site responsiveness. We're going to ensure that those who join Redwood Options will continue to be confident that their investment activities are in safe, capable hands."

About Redwood Options
Redwood Options is one of the industry's leading binary options trading platforms. Since opening its doors in 2012, it has focused on investor education and service, and it has accumulated a flawless record of security and reliability.