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Redwood Options Unveils Series of Investment-Oriented Web Seminars

Subjects range from basics of binary options to advanced technical analysis


Cadiz, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Financial trading platform Redwood Options today announced the release of a series of web-based seminars aimed at introducing investors to binary options and related subjects. The classes, available from the company's home page, cover everything from getting started with this type of trading to more advanced topics, including various methods of technical analysis. Free of charge, and with most being open to all investors, these interactive seminars continue the company's push toward increasing investor awareness about these financial opportunities.

"Binary options have been a real boon to many smaller investors," company representative Thomas White stated, "and we want to make sure that as many qualified investors discover them as possible." Binary options differ from their traditional counterparts in that they do not convey a right to buy or sell an underlying asset. Rather, they pay off a fixed amount when related assets finish given terms at previously established price targets. These simplifications make them more tractable for smaller investors, allowing them to take advantage of the financial potential in options trading without getting bogged down in complex calculations.

Redwood Options offers binary options with terms varying from 60 seconds to as long as several months. Options are available which are based on a wide variety of assets, including combinations of such indicators as market indexes and commodity prices. Redwood's trading platform is entirely web-based, meaning that investors do not need to download any software in order to get started with it, and has been designed for ease of use, responsiveness, and stability.

"The binary options sector is relatively new," White said, "But our platform is incredibly mature. We put a lot of effort into making it easy for investors to get started with binary options and even more into keeping their assets secure." The company's options are checked against an enterprise-class data feed from provider Thomson Reuters, with real-time quotes being available to all traders. Whatever the complexities of the underlying markets, those who join Redwood Options are presented with a variety of simple, straightforward trading opportunities which require little more than clicking a button which indicates whether the investor expects prices to rise or fall.

The rising popularity of binary options has much to do with this simplicity, as well as the way they allow interested, involved investors to take on more active roles regarding their savings. "With the benefit our free options trading guide, web seminars, and other educational resources," White continued, "any investor can be trading with confidence before long. Thanks to the industry-leading returns on our options, many new investors can learn how to make $140 in 3 minutes."

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Redwood Options is the leading binary options trading platform. Its focus on educating investors regarding the opportunities in this field has contributed greatly to its strong growth since its founding. It also offers some of the highest returns in the industry, with all trades being afforded the highest possible security.