Inspires Thousands to Set up Sustainable Coral Tanks

Since helping his High School teacher tend for corals in her classroom, Justin Hester has had a fascination with marine life. Now an adult with a degree in Zoology, Justin has launched a hugely successful free website to show others how to set up and maintain their own sustainable coral tanks.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- While slightly unusual, reefkeeping is a popular hobby among millions. Finding authority information on setting up and maintaining a coral tank however isn’t as easy as it may first appear. Wanting to provide a wealth of information and resources to those looking to dive into the hobby, one Zoologist and coral fanatic has launched a hugely successful website. is quickly become the internet’s go-to location for information on reefkeeping and the coral world in general. The site is authored by Justin Hester, a Chicago-based coral expert with a history of commitment to sustainable marine life.

Justin grew up on Long Island, NY where he developed a fascination with marine biology as a kid. In high school this fascination was further developed as his biology teacher with the saltwater tanks that were kept in the classroom. Even after he moved to the Midwest for college hundreds of miles from the ocean, Justin pursued his interest in marine organisms while at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while earning his zoology degree.

However, it was upon seeing a 75 gallon reef tank in a pet store window that Justin dove in and launched his hobby on a practical level. From this one 75 gallon tank, he began trading and selling pieces of coral to other reefkeepers and stores. Following thousands of trades and hundreds of new friends, Justin launched ReefNation to assist as many people as possible in setting up their own coral reef tanks and learning about their care..

The site is filled with informative and resourceful information, divided into 5 sections. These include Coral Reefs, Reef Life, Aquariums, a Forum and Tools & Resources.

Users will also find an expansive library of videos explaining everything from setting up a simple home aquarium through to breathtaking underwater videos of coral reefs in Oceans around the world.

“The number of home coral reefs is rising as more and more people discover the joy and discovery that they bring to both children and adults,” says Lani Lugar, who is responsible for the website’s marketing.

She continues, “With the amount of information for enthusiasts somewhat lacking, ReefNation is quickly becoming the world’s reefkeeping authority hub.”

The website is also becoming a haven of interest for those who don’t keep corals. Showcasing dozens of stunning images, many visit the site simply for a journey into life under the ocean or the virtual ocean ReefNation houses in its aquaculture facilities.

“The pictures of corals on the site are out of this world. Rich and crisp, they offer a glimpse into a world that many of us will never see first-hand,” Lugar adds.

Those looking to build and maintain their own coral tanks will find an abundance of information within the site’s popular question and answer forums.

Here, many of the world’s most knowledgeable reefkeeping enthusiasts exchange ideas, information and provide answers to others’ questions.

To check out the site, please visit:

The site’s updates can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

About ReefNation
ReefNation is a leading information source for the coral reef industry that also specializes in sustainably raised marine life.

The site was founded in 2010 by Justin Hester.

What has grown from an innate draw to the ocean and marine creatures as a child has progressed into a learning and concern for the ocean environments of the world. As a father of 2 in the Midwest, Justin finds that in addition to providing sustainable corals to the public, it is also important to show children that didn’t get to grow up at the beach how to appreciate and conserve these creatures so that they may do the same with their children someday.