Reel-Logix Solutions Manufacture and Import Wood Reels, Steel Reels, and Plywood Reels as Well as Offering Eco-Friendly Recycled Reels and a Reel Recycling Program

The Reel recycling program offered by Reel-Logix Solutions drives conservation of resources and economic benefits for used wood reels and steel cable reels in good condition which can be repurposed as recycled reels and refurbished reels


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2020 -- When wood reels and steel reels are not in active use, they can take up considerable space and can deteriorate rapidly, especially when stored outdoors. At a time when there is a focus on the environment and an opportunity to mitigate disposal costs funneling the used reels back into service, Reel-Logix Solutions has a network of reel return depots which receive and grade used reels which remain in good condition. The reels are inspected and repaired as necessary to prepare them for resale. Clients looking for recycled reels often attach a recycled logo or sticker to their reel to highlight the fact that they are minimizing the use of natural resources and supporting an Eco-friendly initiative. An added bonus for the client purchasing refurbished reels is that they are cheaper to purchase than newly manufactured alternatives. Running for 28 years, the award-winning reel-cycle® reel recycling program at Reel-Logix has made a significant difference with end-users saving over 10,000 trees through the re-use of more than 50,000 wooden reels annually. Scuffs, scratches, dents, and lightly weathered reel surfaces are cosmetic only and don't prevent a reel from being recycled. Reels with broken flanges, torn arbor holes, or wooden reels with any rot are not suitable for recycling. There are reel return guidelines on the Reel-Logix website which include details like the sizes of the reel which can be recycled, for instance, nailed wood reels must have 30"-72" diameter flanges and steel reels must fit within the 30"-180" diameter flange range. If flanges are visibly warped or have broken boards they are also unsuitable for refurbishment. Cost-effective recycled wood reels can often be recycled three or more times whilst maintaining barrel integrity with fully treated and inspected cable-bearing surfaces. Reel-Logix provides products and solutions to the wire and cable industry.

About Reel-Logix Solutions
Reel-Logix Solutions is a Houston-based hybrid reel company providing innovative reel products and cost-saving solutions to the wire and cable industry. As a leading recycler, importer, and manufacturer of steel reels, wooden reels, plywood reels, import reels, and cable reels, Reel-Logix is family operated and has been in business for over 28 years. Proud members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, their reel management services offer a one-stop for clients across Texas and the surrounding states. Lean manufacturing principles, quality checks, and audits dovetail with excellent customer service and the 24/7 commitment which can help deliver even when lead times are short. Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels and the Eco-friendly process aligns with the commitment to clients, communities, and the environment.

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