ReelKlip Launches Kickstarter Fundraiser to Start Mass Production of the World's Smartest Cell Phone Protection System

Constructed from Polycarbonate plastic, Kevlar thread and polyurethane rubber, at 1 oz it's as reel as it gets.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Reelklip is a New Universal Cell Phone Protection System one like never before! Perfect to carry everywhere, ReelKlip gives users that efficient performance they need without the bulkiness and hassles of carrying a big phone box "case" everywhere they go. ReelKlip is designed to be slim and lightweight serving as a fashionable alternative over the big sloppy phone box people are accustomed to using. Designed and handcrafted in The U.S.A with only the highest quality products such as Kevlar, Polyurethane rubber and polycarbonate plastic. 

Reelklip clips on to belt, pocket, purse, sweater or jacket pocket keeping the phone connected and in "good hands", yet in a new fun way! ReelKlip consists of a mini reel that clips on, the elastic grip is stretched on to the bottom or top of the mobile handset preventing it from slipping, falling and hitting the ground. The small clip on the back side of the reel rotates 360 degrees, making it literally seem like the handset is not attached to anything when talking or texting.

After numerous assessments on materials, sizing, and blueprints, the manufacturers have finished designing ReelKlip with a sleek construction to ensure a minimal frame incorporating durability for a final prototype. They are now ready to start production of ReelKlip for the public, with a bit of funding help. After the funds are collected, the team will work around the clock on getting ReelKlip mass produced.

This project will only be funded if at least$13,500 is pledged by Thursday Feb 20, 5:39pm EST.

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