ReferAFriend.CO Offering Business Management Software with Great Features

ReferAFriend.CO is offering a web based software platform aimed to provide small businesses everything they need to have a cutting edge online presence all under one roof. Help them grow without spending too much of time, money or putting stern efforts to market their products and services in the target market.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- ReferAFriend.CO is a new concept altogether – offering a web based software solution that helps small businesses to grow rapidly. The software has not only all the features that play a crucial role in latest internet marketing programs, but also help service providers like Wellness Acupuncture, Pilates trainers, massage therapist, hair and nail salon manage their customers, inventory and market their products and services in the target markets.

Commenting on the features that ReferAFriend.CO offers, one of the founders told during an interview recently, “We understand how difficult it is to start and grow a business. Therefore, we came up with a web based software to help micro businesses grow at a pace which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. The software has all the features that are crucial for a business to grow in the new internet era. As a result, our software enables businesses manage their customers effectively, schedule events, sent automated notification emails for events and just before they launch a new product or service and many more.”

The software also offers businesses an option to publish to social network, has all the marketing tools and assists them in lead generation, which increases the possibility of leads being converted into clients. This enables a business to grow faster as compared to traditional marketing that were just confined to yellow pages, print, mailing, door to door marketing, news papers, and telemarketing or through the word of mouth.

The executive further stated, “We are committed to help micro businesses find all the effective and crucial means to grow and thrive in the age of internet marketing under one roof. As a result, our software helps them not only to effectively manage customers but also remain connected with them. Apart from this, the software also enables businesses market their product and services in their target market.”

In order to make sure that a business can trust the software and measure its effectiveness, ReferAFriend.CO offers 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and free use of software for the first three months with the option to cancel at any given time. ReferAFriend.CO also offers the best in class schedule maker software online.

About ReferAFriend.CO
ReferAFriend.CO offers web based software that was born to help micro businesses to not only grow but thrive in the internet era where the growth of big business has left little to the local or small business. The software comes equipped with all the features that make a difference , and not only helps businesses to stay connected to their customers but also market their products and services in their target markets for their better business gains. ReferAFriend.CO offers small and local businesses efficient, effective, expert and affordable solutions to manage their customer, inventory and businesses all under one platform. Features like customer management, event and service scheduling and automated email notifications for events and services makes ReferAFriend.CO simply the best resource for small businesses to grow at a pace which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Other than many other features, ReferAFriend.CO also offers personal fitness trainer management software.