ReferAFriend.CO Offering Comprehensive Online Event and Appointment Scheduling Software at Discounted Prices for Home Based Business and Micro Business

Based in San Jose, California, USA, ReferAFriend.CO is offering reliable software to help the micro businesses grow. The software can turn out to be a complete solution for non profits, micro or home based business.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- ReferAFriend.CO has done a commendable job in offering quality software solutions to its clients at competitive rates, earning a name in the field. With its base in San Jose, California, USA, ReferAFriend.CO has established itself as the one stop destination for micro business operators that wish to manage their businesses in a highly professional manner. The Web Service software on helps micro businesses to streamline their entire business and garner new vistas for growth providing both a complete website and a storefront to manage services.

A senior official at the ReferAFriend.CO in a recent interview had this to say, “We are planning to emerge as a reliable name in offering online web based software solution to micro businesses and help them compete locally with chains and franchise in their area. We offer solutions not for their survival but for their flourish. Our solutions are comprehensive, feasible and viable.

Moreover, the client does not have to spend a fortune to setup a website, software, online payments, design or IT team to be able to get online visibility or web platform, its all included in our service spending zero time to setup. For the benefit of our customers, we are offering the software free for the first 30 days, credit card is not required and if the clients like our software, they can pay at the end of the period to publish their store online and get immediate visibility by search engines.”

The software solution provider stands for quality and affordability. Since its inception, the company has set themselves to help micro business grow. For the professionals at ReferAFriend.CO customer satisfaction comes first and the company does not leave any stone unturned to offer quality products and equally endowed services to its clients at consistent basis. The company has at its disposal at highly trained and experienced customer service professionals that offer prompt and polite response to all the queries of the clients. They serve the client to the best of their abilities and help them make informed choices.

The company official further added, “We enable our clients such as personal trainers, massage therapist, music teachers and hair salons to manage customers, inventory and market their services to target and potential clients. Our software allows new entrants to a the market, like students that just finished school or someone that received professional training and would like to start a business, to look very professional while starting in minutes without the hassle of trying to set a complete website. Instead they can focus on getting clients and get their business running in minutes, generating revenue by reaching out to new clients. It helps the small business owner in customer management, Marketing and service scheduling big time. The system offers automated notification of events and events integration with social sites like FaceBook and twitter. If you have friends the system will help you put your name out-there very quickly, and if you don’t it will help you build your community with very little effort.”

Endowed with all the marketing tools available, the software also help in lead generation and help the growth of the client considerably. Moreover, it allows the clients to transact on all major online payment gateways along with cash billing system.

About ReferAFriend.CO
Based in San Jose, California, the capital of silicon valley, ReferAFriend.CO has acquired a formidable reputation in offering high quality and cost effective software solutions to facilitate the growth of micro businesses like Yoga trainers, Pilates trainers, Music teachers, massage therapist, hair and nail salon. By offering quality software, the company is bridging the gap between micro business in the form of event scheduling and marketing business automation. Along with a plethora of other features, the company is a leader on offering event scheduling software online at reasonable rates.