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Referral Based Business Discovers They Still Need a Website


Medford, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- VanWey Homes a construction company located in Medford Oregon recently hired Revelation Marketing Systems to build them a new website for a simple yet expensive reason. They were not connecting with the referrals that were being sent to them.

VanWey says by his count they were not being contacted by at least half or more of the referrals that were being sent their way. VanWey says he was not even aware of the problem until he started bumping into past customers and those customers asking if the person they referred to him had called.

After several encounters with past clients asking if their referral had called VanWey asked more questions to try and find out where the disconnect was for the referral not calling. What he discovered was his past customers were referring him but not handing out business cards telling the referral to find the information online.

Armed with this new information VanWey started searching for his business online. Obvious search terms for his business were not bringing back relevant or useful results. “I knew we had a problem when the only thing I could find online for my business was a newspaper article from the late 90’s.” said VanWey.

Now knowing what the problem was he contacted Revelation Marketing Systems a local internet marketing and web design firm. After a brief meeting a simple plan was laid out to get VanWey Homes into the search results. The plan included a new website, videos, great content, photos and getting VanWey Homes listed in as many online business directories as possible.

While the website is complete there are still several steps that are in production. “It’s not like you flip a switch and all of sudden everything is in place. It takes a significant amount of work to put everything together. Once everything is completed it can take a week and even up to several months to really start seeing the results” said Matt Allen, president of Revelation Marketing Systems.

If you are a business that relies heavily on referral business. You need to make sure that your business information is found easily. If you are not found easily on the internet you may be missing a significant amount of referrals and sales.

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VanWey Homes has been doing construction in Southern Oregon since 1974. They offer a variety of construction services including new home construction, remodels, additions, light commercial construction and commercial remodels. 4643 Hathaway Dr Medford Oregon 97504 541-702-1422

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