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Referral Rocket Launches New Digital Marketing Service in New York City

Referral Rocket is a brand new digital marketing agency that promises a performance based approach with both eyes on the ROI for companies small and large in and around NYC.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- Search engine optimization is an essential but bewildering strategic tool for businesses. With Google algorithm updates, keyword competition, link building, citations, authority and other confusing terms, many businesses do not take advantage of what is still a very potent tool. This sadly prevents businesses making real gains because they are blinded by minutiae. Referral Rocket is a new kind of digital marketing agency that does not aim to impress clients by blinding them with jargon, but instead focuses its energies and communication on what results they are creating in real terms.

Referral Rocket starts with a 100% money back guarantee on creating a positive return on investment. They are so confident in their results that they even make available their track record with other clients. Their aim is nothing less than to make companies the number one in their market, meaning there is zero risk and maximum reward.

The bold claims are nothing new in SEO, but the clear, concise and honest way in which the aims of the company are outlined and described certainly is. They steer clear of any jargon, and hone in on what their clients want to see- the real results.

Referral Rocket focuses not only on increasing visibility but also improving conversions. This combination of skills has seen their clients increase the profitability exponentially.

A spokesperson for explained, "We sell our product this way because we want our clients to understand that what we do to them to get them to sign up, we can also do to their customers to get them to buy products and services. We understand that marketing, that human communication, is still the biggest single factor in turning metrics based SEO into real lead generation, and high levels of sales conversion. Everything we do is geared toward that, and that's why we're one of the most effective agencies on the market. We look forward to helping the businesses of NYC take on the online world and win."

About Referral Rocket
Referral Rocket is a performance-based digital marketing agency. Their sole focus is delivering highly qualified leads and sales opportunities to clients while ensuring they see an impressive return on investment. Their experienced team use proven digital marketing strategies to achieve results over and above what the competition is capable of, focusing on the generation of highly qualified leads.

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