Refinancing Home with Bad Credit Score Is a Good Tactic for Securing House in USA


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- Bad Credit Refinance
- FHA Refinance
- Home Path Mortgage

Refinancing a Mortgage with Poor Credit

Generally, if one is trying to refinance a mortgage with bad credit, he must find a high risk lender who specializes in difficult loans. These financers have access to different sources of funding than traditional banks, making them a good bet for getting the refinance one needs. The drawback with these lenders is that, depending on one’s credit score, the interest rate on the refinance will be high. Don’t despair; over time, as one makes full, timely payments on the refinance, the rate can be changed.

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Refinancing with the FHA

If one is concerned about refinancing his home with bad credit, he can relax. The FHA can help him by providing government-backed refinance loans. More people qualify for FHA loans than any other kind because of this backing, so even if one has a low credit rating, he may still be able to qualify. Working with an FHA mortgage can save a homeowner thousands of dollars, so apply for this refinancing with any FHA-approved lender.

Home Path Mortgage

The Home Path Mortgage is a great way to address “How do I refinance my mortgage with bad credit?” This is a federally sponsored program that can help poor credit individuals purchase a foreclosed home with a very low down payment and flexible terms. Home Path Mortgages are good for people who cannot meet regular home lenders’ steeper down payment requirements. Unlike other mortgages, Home Path allows buyers to get down payment funds from outside sources such as family members, grants or gifts. This is an excellent choice if one is looking to purchase a refurbished foreclosure house.

HARP Assistance

There is another government plan to refinance a mortgage with a bad credit score. It’s called HARP, short for Home Affordable Refinance Program, and is available to homeowners whose mortgages are owned or serviced by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This is an easy way for people to refinance their mortgage payments into having lower monthly imbursements. Apply for HARP with any participating lender.

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