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Reflections of My Mind: New Book of Personal Poetry Invites Readers to Open Their Minds to Enlightenment

Written by Joe Cordrey, and following his first volume of the same name, ‘Reflections of My Mind: Volume Two’ continues the author’s bold pursuit of constructing verses around his personal experience, which each reader is free to interpret, as it applies to their own lives. From romance to psychedelia, each unique poem urges people to alter their way of thinking.


Kewanee, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- While most poets release their work for personal benefit, Joe Cordrey has built a reputation of taking his work public, in order to change the lives of his readers. The second volume of his ‘Reflections of My Mind’ series does this effectively, fusing the author’s own personal experiences with boundless inspiration.

An intimate and psychedelic journey, through the depths of imagination; uncovering the limitless expanse of possibility.

As the author explains, he wants readers to embark on a deeply personal journey, as they turn the pages of his books.

“These aren’t just words on a page, but an invitation for people to ponder the concepts I put forth, expand their intellects, and ultimately enhance the perception of their existences and the world around them,” says Cordrey.

Continuing, “This second volume was put together in order to engage my audience; inviting them to read between the lines, and to perceive the meaning of them, as they desire. In doing so, my objective is to provide them with a greater understanding of the human psyche, as well as a deeper influence upon those they come in contact with.”

Part of Cordrey’s mandate is to meticulously make each word earn its place.

“Each line is carefully thought out, to ensure my work has a natural flow to it, and that my ideas are not forced upon the reader. But, rather, that they’re left open to interpretation.”

‘Reflections of My Mind: Volume Two’ is available now: https://www.createspace.com/3762623

About Joe Cordrey
My artistry is the result of a wandering intellect, which can land on anything, at any time. My poetry ranges in subject matter, from childish to adult oriented; humorous to serious in nature; obscure to sensible. Through this, I attempt to maintain a personal feel. In many of my poems, the reader will find that I do not expound on things. This is by design. There is no part of creativity which calls for the author to enforce his own meaning upon the audience. Therefore, I invite every reader to decide for themselves what my poetry means. John Lennon is on record as saying, when he would write songs, he'd just put random words together. Yet, people hail him as a genius. That's because those who listened to his and the Beatles' music took the time to discover how it related to their own lives, in different situations. Too, I believe that being an artist is about discovery, and the ability to mold one's talent into something interesting.