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Reflections of the Universe: 'Humorous Romance' Novel Fuses Intrigue, Suspense and Powerful Science Fiction

Crafted by J.L. Nebel, ‘Reflections of the Universe: A Humorous Romance’ and its two published counterpart books take readers into the quirky yet highly-engaging love story between an ex-Marine medic and an impulsive and passionate young lady. What ensues is an edge-of-the seat adventure that will see both explore the depths of their love and the universe at large.


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- While Science-Fiction and Romance have long coexisted in the literary world, critics and readers are crying out for new material that doesn’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same old’ concepts. Thankfully, author J.L. Nebel is bucking the trend with gusto, through a wholly-unique new series.

The first volume, ‘Reflections of the Universe: A Humorous Romance’ isn’t a sappy love story; but instead a quirky and uplifting romantic adventure topped off with classical Sci-Fi undertones.


Dwight is an ex-Marine medic who is currently a security guard for an international aircraft company. Della is a beautiful, innocent, impulsive, and passionate young lady. Their meeting and romance holds humor, drama, suspense and intrigue for two unsuspecting soul mates.

“My over-riding goal is not to create complicated narratives, but stories that are light and endearing, containing characters my audience thrive on learning more about. My passion lies in exploring people’s varying emotions and interests, which is why this love story contains two unlikely lovers from very different backgrounds,” says Nebel.

Continuing, “While written for an eclectic audience, this book will be of particular interest to veterans and those currently serving in the military.”

Nebel already has two sequels published, titled ‘Reflections of the Night Sky: Life Events’ and ‘Reflections of Creation: Life Adventures’.

“Book four is in the works right now, and it will embrace more of a Science-Fiction/Fantasy feel. There’s also some time travel in store! As with my existing novels, there are plenty of opportunities to encounter romance, humor, mystery, thrills, suspense and even the paranormal.”

Reviews to date have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, one reader comments, “A fun read. The type of book to read while relaxing at the breach, by the pool or in your recliner. A funny, quirky and delightful read. Enjoyable characters and interesting situations. I am looking forward to the future books by this author.”

Davy Gurley adds, “Heard about this book and new author and took a chance that I might actually enjoy reading a book different from my usual type of adventure fare. Surprise--surprise--found myself enjoying the give and take between Dwight and Della and indeed it is very humorous and interest holding--looking forward to next book in this series--good read for sure.”

The first three books in the series can currently be purchased through the author’s official website: http://www.jlnebel.com.

About J. L. Nebel
J. L. Nebel, graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business. I enjoy my right to privacy. If you happen to be a reader who wants to know more about the author, you may feel cheated. I hope you will focus on my books, the characters and stories. I was born and raised in Arizona. I am married and have pets. I am passionate and impulsive. If you have enjoyed the characters of Dwight and Della in REFLECTIONS OF THE UNIVERSE - A Humorous Romance, you will enjoy books: REFLECTIONS OF THE NIGHT SKY - Humorous Life Events, and REFLECTIONS OF CREATION - Humorous Adventures, available by August 2012. I enjoy writing about humor, romance, suspense, intrigue and science fiction.