Reformed Drug Dealer Turns Publisher Part 3 of Diffrent


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Junior James aka Sherlock see’s the world much “Diffrent” to the way an everyday ordinary person does.

He is a reformed dealer of the class A drug crack cocaine, an international smuggler and recovering addict. “If you've seen what I've seen, you wouldn't go down the same road as me” says the self-publisher and author of his 3rd and latest book “Diffrent”

Diffrent – My words, My Hell, My Redemption

Junior's eventful life journey is told in a gripping three part autobiography which charts his life hustling on the urban streets of London, he exposes the ease of how one can be drawn into the alluring but deadly world of a drug dealer. He tells of the difficulties, trauma, stress and horrors of his personal drug use and addiction.

He discloses the Corruption of Custom and Immigration officers whilst involved in an elaborate International drug smuggling ring. He also gives a terrifying account of the time he spent being caged for years in a British prison.

“Life as a drug dealer is not as glamorous as one might think”... he said at a swanky wine bar in Brixton South London early this month at the book launch of his second book.

“My story aims to stop 'others' from taking the same path as me and following me down the road to self-destruction” he said. “My lifestyle nearly broke my mother's heart, and my childhood sweetheart who I hurt so much in the process left me.”

Utilizing Crowd Funding

Junior James, is part of a new breed of writers, changing the face of the book publishing world. He is a self-publisher. In recent months self-publishing authors have out-sold the mainstream publishers such as Penguin, Random House, Amazon, Macmillian and many other major players.

Junior is also part of another exciting new trend in publishing. He, like many other Independent authors, are beating a path to websites that allow them to create funding platforms in order to raise working funds for their next book projects. is one such website. The concept is simple, Junior is inviting his current readers to fund his next book, part 3, directly in exchange for informal access to his whole creative process as well as exclusive rewards which are available at various pledge levels.

About Junior James
Junior James 41, is known by the street name Sherlock aka Diffrent he was born and raised in Brixton, South West London. A reformed drug dealer and smuggler with more than enough jail time. Sherlock has turned his hand to publishing his experiences. In hope of showing drug culture and street crime for what it is.

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