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Refractometers Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016-2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2018 -- A refractometer is used to measure the extent of light bending, when it travels from air to any other medium. Refractive index is determined till five digit precision and for most of the compounds, reactive index is between 1.3000 and 1.7000. Refractive index is based on the wavelength of light and temperature of the sample. Refractive index identification is done for various applications including petroleum, agriculture and food and beverages. Most common industrial application is determination of dissolved solute in liquid samples.

Refractometer is mainly used for measuring dissolved content or substances in solutions, particularly related to sugar content. Refractometers are thus, used to measure critical angle of refraction of a sample. Refractometer helps to analyse different properties of a particular sample such as salinity or sugar content, sweetness in beverages, hydrocarbon content of motor fuels, and blood protein in the given sample. Factors such as accuracy, location of measurement, compatibility with other instruments, sample throughput have an impact on the selection of proper refractometer.

In measuring sugar content, BRIX measurement has gained significant traction in recent years. Increasing consumer inclination towards nutritional information among food products has led manufacturers to develop measures to analyse such information. For instance, to analyse sugar concentration, BRIX instruments are used by food manufacturers. Conventionally, BRIX measurement was done through pycnometer, BRIX hydrometer and Abbe refractometer. Nowadays, BRIX measurement is done through digital refractometers and digital density meters. Refractometers are a modern way of measuring BRIX ensuring reproducible and rapid results.

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Refractometers Market Segmentation:

Refractometers market is segmented on the basis of refractometer type, product type and end-use industry. On the basis of refractometer type, the refractometer market segmentation includes portable and benchtop refractometers. Portable refractometers are anticipate to gain significant traction among end users, which is mainly attributed to factors such as ease of use, comprehensive result storage and easy handling of the refractometer when compared to benchtop refractometers. Different types of refractometers include traditional handheld refractometers, laboratory refractometers, inline refractometers and digital handheld refractometers. Of which, digital refractometers are anticipated to gain significant traction among end use industries. On the basis of end-use industry, refractometers market is segmented into gemology, food processing, oil industry, pharmaceuticals, paint, sugar refineries, research centers and schools.

Geographically, refractometers market is segmented into seven regions including Japan, Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Western Europe, Latin America and North America. North America is one of the prominent market for refractometer, which is anticipate to remain dominant over the forecast period. However, adoption of refractometers for analysing food and beverage industry is expected to record significant growth during the forecast period.

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Refractometers Market Dynamics:

Increasing technological advancements leading towards shift from manual to automatic measures for analysing refractometry is driving the demand for refractometers among end users. In addition, quality analysis of parameters in food and beverage products such as composition and concentration of a juice, information regarding sugar content in food and beverage products has led towards development of enhanced refractometers. This is intended to ensure reliable and quick analysis resulting in valuable information about composition in the finished product. However, proper calibration is a concern for manufacturers, as it leads to less adoption among end users. This indirectly restricts the refractometers market growth globally. In order to mitigate calibration issue, few refractometer manufacturers have developed products ensuring proper calibration through self-calibration property at an affordable price.

Refractometers Market Key players:

Some of the players in the refractometers market include Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Anton Paar GmbH, Hanna Equipments India Pvt.Ltd., Rudolph Research Analytical and Xylem Analytics, among others. Refractometer manufacturers are focused on developing products ensuring real-time measurement of advanced features such as color, conductivity, oxygen content, sugar inversion, alcohol content and others.