Reframing the Conversation when It Comes to Diversity Within Technology Recruitment


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2022 -- The tech industry is made up of just 17% women, with only 10% of leadership roles female-held. Connecting with a richer and more diverse pool of senior talent is a vital next step for enterprises across a sector at risk of falling behind.

In order to reach gender parity in the tech sector, around a million women need to be hired - that's how far off technology is as an industry in terms of diversity. And this isn't just about balancing the numbers or getting the visuals right. If the recruitment goal of a million women was achieved it would add £2.6 billion to the UK economy - per year. Research has also found that more diversity has a range of other business-specific benefits, from better internal communication to improvements in reputation, higher earnings and a reduction in excessive risk taking. To any technology recruiter - or tech firm - greater diversity is a no-brainer.

Depop: a case study
As a technology recruiter it's vital to highlight those firms that are swimming against the current trends when it comes to diversity. Depop is one of these digital salmon, as 57% of the executive leadership team in the business is female. This has involved a significant reframe when it comes to the conversation on diversity in technology, starting with the way job ads are designed and created internally and focusing on removing every potential obstacle, from using gender neutral language to avoiding specifications that are too gender-orientated.

Diversity within technology recruitment - a focus on skill set

There is a clear need to be open about the fact that the tech sector doesn't do diversity well. However, repeatedly referring to old stereotypes also creates that risk that they will be perpetuated. The more the conversation is happening around how tech is a male dominated environment, the fewer women are likely to take steps to be part of it. As a tech recruiter, we can see the value in, instead, reframing the conversation to one around skill set. You don't have to be a techie to work in tech, as the industry is currently recruiting for a range of other skill sets, from project management to financial expertise. Equally as important will be the actions that come from within an organisation where diversified talent is a goal - if women aren't reaching the upper echelons of the business there is something wrong with existing channels and that's the first issue to fix.

A coordinated and integrated approach to greater diversity within technology recruitment is vital for the industry in 2022. This is not a women's issue, nor a HR-specific problem, but a systemic obstacle that prevents businesses in tech from reaching their full potential.

"Strategically choosing diversified talent is a must-do for tech-driven organisations seeking to thrive today. As a technology recruiter we can connect clients to a richer and more diverse pool of senior talent. The benefits of greater diversity, especially at board level, make this an important strategic step. From greater innovation to the positive impact more diversity has on the bottom line, tech businesses today can't afford not to be proactive where a more diversified approach to talent is concerned." - Sally Anderson, Global Head of Marketing

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