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Regal Assets Offers Free Guide and Information Kit on Gold IRA


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Regal Assets is pleased to announce that its free Gold Buyers Guide is available to those thinking of starting a gold IRA or rolling over their current IRA into a Gold IRA. Those individuals who are concerned about today's volatile economy and the loss of retirement savings due to hyperinflation are taking a serious look at gold as an alternative IRA mode. Investors also point out the incompetence of the government and the failing US dollar as a reason for exploring other investment options.

Gold has proven its stability as an asset for centuries. It has been called the "Universal Currency". Its stability in normal economic times is a point in its favor as an investment vehicle. It will typically grow in value when the economic condition is in upheaval.  For example, in the 2008 recession the value of gold jumped dramatically while many investors in stocks, bonds and currency saw a devastating decline in their retirement  funds. Their life savings melted away.

It is undeniable that inflation is out of control. The best way to counteract inflation is by creating a Gold IRA account. As inflation increases, the funds required to have a comfortable retirement will also increase. More money is needed, just to pay for the same quality of life.

A spokesperson for Regal Assets explained, "Anything paper-based, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds are all going to feel the effects of inflation, just as they did in 2008. None of these options are safe for anyone who wants to protect their lifestyle in retirement years."

The free guide to Gold IRAs is informative and is easy to read for beginning investors or those who want to make better use of their IRAs. Sign-up is convenient and fast and provides the necessary details to create a new IRA or to roll-over an existing IRA into gold.

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