Regal Assets Review Video Released for US Based Precious Metals Investors

For precious metals investors it is critical that the right company is chosen for the best advice on transactions and ongoing support. A new video provides a Regal Assets review and explains why the company is considered the best in the market.


Darkhan, Mongolia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- A new video has been released explaining the virtues of investing in precious metals in times of economic uncertainty and why this strategy is a preferred option for retirement accounts. The key areas of wealth protection, investment certainty and the diversification of assets are discussed with the conclusion that precious metals are the only form of investment that have stood the test of time and have seen growth at or above inflation for many years. It also explains that gold and other precious metals are hard currency and can be easily liquefied if the need arises.

The video also examines the key factors that should be considered when choosing a precious metals company to handle the account and the associated transactions. This includes their commitment to their customers to take care of them and advise on their precious metals investments, that they should have an excellent reputation in the market, all orders are fully accountable and traceable, they have a fast delivery system for orders received, they can set up IRA accounts quickly and they can arrange fast transfers from other custodians. It is revealed that there are very few precious metal companies that can deliver against these expectations.

The important criteria for assessing a precious metals company are then discussed. At the top of the list is that they really care about their investors and are not just order takers which is common in the market. They should offer advice and guidance to investors and have in place delivery targets for both the delivery of the precious metals to the investors homes or to a secure storage facility and for the establishment of IRA accounts. A number of satisfied customer testimonials is also very important. The company’s reputation is paramount and they should have good ratings from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the Business Customer Alliance and Trustlink. The video then reveals that the only company that can match up to all of these expectations is Regal Assets LLC. The creator of the video, Graham Bowall, is an expert in precious metals investments. “I made this video because after testing the market thoroughly I found that there was only one company that ticked all the boxes” says Bowall. The video can be found at

About Regal Assets
Regal Assets has a long standing tradition in the world of precious metals investment and has an excellent reputation in the market. Equipped with state of the art delivery system, they offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. They help and advise their clients in all aspects of precious metals investing.

For more details about precious metals investing and why Regal Assets are the company of choice the video can be viewed here

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