Regal eCig Review - Electronic Cigarettes Grab More Attention as Healthy Alternative to Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Regal eCigs are one of the latest E-Cigarettes available that are free from the harmful effects of real cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes or E-Cigarettes are the latest fashion fad as well as a use for smokers who try to quit the habit as well as for those who want to switch to a healthier substitute.

The E-Cigarette works like a real cigarette but there is no need to even light an electronic cigarette and works with a simple spark reaction. Electronic cigarettes consist of three major parts. One is the inhaler which is connected to a compartment where liquid nicotine is stored. The inhaled air creates a spark which allows water vapor to be passed through the liquid nicotine and releases vapor with only the flavor of real tobacco cigarettes minus the harmful effects associated with real cigarettes. Since the electronic cigarette needs a source of power, it is charged with an disengaging battery pack containing no hazardous material.

Regal eCig Reviews

Electronic cigarettes such as Regal E-Cigarettes allow people to enjoy smoking without breathing in the toxic tobacco smoke. Smoking causes many diseases of the heart and lungs. It may cause lung and mouth cancer. Smoking creates a layer of toxic material to line the lung sac and disrupt the normal breathing process. Other side effects include bad breath, stained teeth and coughing and breathing problems.

Electronic cigarettes such as Regal E-Cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, whether in a public bus, subway train, waiting areas as it is non polluting and does not emit any smoke. Regal E-Cigarettes encourages smoking an environmental friendly substitute electronic cigarette without jeopardizing one's own health and also preventing passive smoking thanks to its innovative feature of exhaling only water vapor.

One Regal Electronic Cigarette starter kit includes 5 tobacco flavored cartomizers developed on the latest E-cigarette technology in today’s era. The battery charger is a portable USB easy to carry around and does not take up any space. The rechargeable battery is made out of lithium. Additional components of the starter kit include a gift box, a wall charger as well as a handy easy to use storage case to keep everything intact.

About Regal eCig
Regal Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming more popular as they provide a healthy substitute to smoking and enable smokers to benefit from the smoke free and harmless tobacco flavored cigarettes.

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