Regalo Manila

Regalo Manila Celebrates 6 Years of Sending Gifts to Philippines


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- In celebration of their 6 years of sending gifts to Philippines, Regalo Manila had decided to look back at how far they have come from being a two-man gift shop in its humble beginnings. Now, Regalo Manila is proud to say that it is 6 years old.

Regalo Manila celebrates because what the company has achieved is not an easy feat. After all, it started with a 2-man team where one person programmed the website while the other person prepared the gift and delivers it to its recipient. From here, it grew slowly until it managed to expand their services to the whole country. It started by hiring a delivery man and a florist. From here, it started its own customer service team and marketing team which resulted to what it was today.

The concept of Regalo Manila started with a foreigner who has a partner in the Philippines. Living in another country, it was hard to send gifts to the Philippines. In fact, it was almost impossible unless the person is willing to pay an extremely high shipping fee or he or she knows someone who will take a trip to the Philippines. From here, that foreigner thought about an idea of setting up a shop that can help people like him to send gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. From this concept, Regalo Manila is born.

Due to its brand-able name and high customer satisfaction rate, it was not far until the website managed to expand. It expanded not only its customer base but also its employee count. From here, it also managed to expand its delivery scope. In fact, it is now offering some personal delivery services to areas in Metro Manila and even to some suburban areas like in Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga and Tarlac and some courier-based delivery services to almost all areas in the Philippines. Aside from all these, it also managed to widen their selection by including other brands. Now the company houses as much as 100+ categories and more than 20 popular food brands in the Philippines.

With all these improvements in the company, it also managed to gain attention from some media agencies and some popular organizations. In fact, it has sponsored some events and has been featured in a radio show and a TV show. Up to today, the company continues to receive invitations. However, the company can only accommodate a certain amount of requests so it has to turn down the others.

Regalo Manila had decided to do this celebration not only to empower employees but also to inspire their company to keep on moving forward and keep on getting some increasing sales in the years to come.