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Regalo Manila Celebrates Christmas with Exclusive Offers


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- With the “ber” months come the chilly air and the Christmas songs in the Philippines. In fact, it will only take one travel to the mall to hear all those happy songs and instantly become in the shopping mood in this country. The Filipino people simply love Christmas. And it is not only because of the songs but also because it generates feelings of happiness that cannot be found elsewhere.

But for people who live in another country, it may quite difficult to feel the same happiness. After all, being away from your loved ones is not only sad but also makes you feel lonely. Luckily, there is now a way for them to participate in the fun and they can do that by sending gifts to the Philippines. How can they do that? This is where a company like Regalo Manila comes in.

Regalo Manila in simple terms is a gift shop that is based online. Through its website (, it is able to send gifts to different areas in the Philippines even if their clients are based abroad. They are able to do this through the power of the Internet for that is where they process all orders and payments.

Because of the value of their company to most Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs and foreigners who have friends and loved ones in the Philippines, the company had slowly grown its customer base until a point that they have regular customers who use their company to constantly communicate with their loved ones.

With this, the company came up with a plan for Christmas. After all, this will be a very busy season for them. Not only will they have lots of orders from different parts of the world, they will also be hiring extra people just to tackle the bulk of orders this month.

To give thanks to their regular clients, they will be implementing a limited edition discount. But how much of a discount their customers will be getting and when the coupon code will be released is still pending. After all, the company’s marketing team is still busy brainstorming some ideas on what they should do for Christmas.

The company owner assures the public that they will release a promo. But they think October is still too early to release it. They then encourage their followers and regular clients to constantly check their social accounts for updates.

About Regalo Manila
Regalo Manila is a company that is based in the Philippines. They have been operating for 7 years and have been known to send gifts to the Philippines for their clients who live abroad. Their success is due to the team’s dedication to their work as they strive to satisfy their clients in all of their services. People can visit their website at