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Regalo Manila Greets Summer with a Smile


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- It is March in the Philippines. While other countries celebrate spring, the Philippines continue to experience the scorching heat of the sun. That’s because summer is here and the Filipinos are sure to want to keep things cool.

While summer is generally not a good time to send some gifts, Regalo Manila still thinks that they should release some items just to celebrate the season. After all, there is never a good reason to withhold a gift from someone. For them, it only takes an intention to make someone happy for one person to send a gift.

With this, nothing is stopping Regalo Manila from releasing their summer gift collection. Comprising of 18 items that are sure to make anyone feel cooler or more energetic this summer, they are excited to launch their new summer collection that includes some limited edition summer toys and inflatables.

Being in a tropical country that experiencing summer most of the year, Regalo Manila thinks that it is just wise to release a summer collection. After all, these items can function than more than just ordinary gift items. They can also last a lifetime if it is properly taken care of. Unlike the other gifts in their selection that expires easily, these items more durable and can even last a lifetime.

Also, Regalo Manila thinks that the presence of the summer collection will encourage senders to sprinkle some summer on their gifts. This means that senders who usually send flowers, chocolates and food items can add some summer items to their gifts to give it that fun factor.

After all, summer is all about fun. Summer in the Philippines is the time for travel and relaxation. Most Filipinos will flock to common swimming pools and eat “halo halo” or shaved ice with mixed sweets. Just looking at the activities that Filipinos do will give anyone the idea that summer is a time for fun for Filipinos. Anyone who wants to make them a little happier will be just as happy if they can somehow be part of that fun by sending some limited edition summer items to the Philippines. And this is what Regalo Manila aims to provide.

Regalo Manila is an online gift shop that has been operating for 6 years. They have been continuously providing an assortment of needs ranging from flowers, stuffed toys and food deliveries. But now, Regalo Manila is aiming to diversify the gift items in their website. They want to include items that may seem absurd to other online gift shops. Their goal is to show their clients that gift giving is not only limited to classic gift items. It also takes a little creativity so that the process of gift sending doesn’t get boring.

With this concept in mind, Regalo Manila had released a summer collection. Their goal is to provide a chance for OFWs and foreigners to finally send summer-themed gifts to the Philippines. After all, there’s nothing better than celebrating the summer season with some gifts.