Regalo Manila

Regalo Manila Has Released Some Special Christmas Baskets for the Holiday Season


Quezon City, Metro Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- There is no company that offers an assortment of products like that of Regalo Manila. And with the Christmas season waiting around the corner, they have also released an assortment of baskets for just about any type of person. Here are the baskets currently sold by Regalo Manila.

The Beauty Basket

The first basket is designed especially for women. This basket contains an assortment of hygiene items that are made just for women. It may contain a lotion, soap, toners and some facial items. All are packed in a convenient basket that is designed to melt the heart of any woman who comes across it. It is a care pack in the simple sense of the word and it is designed to make someone feel pampered and special.

The Men Basket

In the same way, there is a man basket that has all the essentials for men. This is like another version of the beauty basket. It is only that it is designed for men. Again, it may contain soap and a lotion but it may also contain a man toner and deodorant. Overall, it is the perfect gift for those men in anyone’s life. It can be their father, brother, grandfather, husband, boyfriend, uncle, boss or friend. The concept is to give a gift that will make the man in their life feel that they are taken care of.

Food Feast Basket

Since Filipinos love to eat, Regalo Manila has also decided to create a Christmas feast basket. This is basically a grocery pack that contains some basic ingredients like pasta, spaghetti sauce, cooking oil and the likes. The concept of the food feast basket is to make someone’s life easier by buying all their needed ingredients for them. This way, they don’t need to go to the grocery to get some ingredients. They can just wait for them to be delivered right in front of their doorstep.

Mixed Basket

As with the tradition of gift giving in the Philippines, the most popular type of Christmas basket is the mixed basket. This basket has no concept in mind. Instead, it has an assortment of items which can be local or foreign. These items are usually food in nature but then since it is mixed; there is no rule that prevents the makers from adding some toys and flowers to the mix. This is the most popular basket of Regalo Manila.

With all these Christmas baskets, it really does look a lot like Christmas with Regalo Manila. I guess the launch of their beautiful Christmas baskets is their way for celebrating the season in the Philippines. After all, Regalo Manila is a company that connects OFWs or overseas Filipino workers with their loved ones in the country. This allows them to freely give gifts to the Philippines even if they live a thousand miles away.