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Regalo Manila Honors Mothers in Its Special Mother's Expo


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Regalo Manila had just finished its lineup of products that are designed just for mothers. Taking the mother’s aesthetic in mind, they are able to come up with some flower arrangements along with some plants that can act as perfect gifts for mothers. This is to celebrate its 6th year of continuously providing their customer’s needs most of which are sending gifts to their mothers in the Philippines.

Regalo Manila had come up with the Mother’s Expo idea because they found that a good portion of their clients are constantly sending gifts to their mothers. This shows that most Filipinos who live abroad are not only lovers but also loving sons and daughters who continuously honor their mothers by sending them some gifts and other items in the Philippines. This is the factor that Regalo Manila took into consideration when launching their Mother’s Expo. They want to honor all the mothers who have properly taken care of their sons and daughters who have been living or working abroad.

This year, Regalo Manila plans to launch multiple events that will not only encourage new conversation about their brand but will also let them meet their clients face-to-face. Their goal is not only to expand their network but also to promote the value of gifts in this serious generation. For Regalo Manila, today’s serious times are the perfect times to insert some little celebrations and happy moments through some gifts.

Regalo Manila is called as such because it is an online gift shop that is based on the Philippines. Aside from being an expert in sending gifts and other items to the Philippines, it also houses different types of gift items. They have just about any type of gift imaginable. Aside from breaking their categories based on the number of flowers, kind of flower and brand of restaurant, they are also breaking their categories based on occasion. Now, they are planning to insert a new category based on the type of recipient. The first category that they plan to launch is an exclusive category for mothers.

To celebrate its launch, the team at Regalo Manila had brainstormed some ideas on what products they should promote and how they can let the public know about the upcoming change in a creative way. After all, they know that this generation is no longer sold on simple advertisements. In this generation, creativity is not only desirable but also required. It is required if a company really want to involve its market in its endeavors.

Some of the items that Regalo Manila had included in their expo are the following:

- White Rose Bouquet

The white rose bouquet is a classic that never dies. No matter how many years have passed, the beauty and purity evoked by white roses will remain. This is why it is always a perfect gift for mother’s as it somehow symbolizes a mother’s undying and pure unconditional love.

- Pink Carnations

Aside from white, another color that is quite close to a mother’s heart is pink. That’s because pink is a color that is stimulating for most women. Since it is about pink, there is nothing more beautiful than pink carnations. That is because carnations are able to retain the color ‘pink’ more than other flowers can.

- Yellow Gerberas

For those vibrant mothers that are always full of energy, there are some yellow gerberas for them. Unlike roses and carnations, gerberas look unique and evokes more energy. That’s why Regalo Manila thinks that yellow is the perfect color to go with it. This is perfect for mothers who are always on the go or mothers who are always active, sporty and full of energy.

- Lilies Bouquet

For people who are a little laid back, they can send some lilies instead. The good thing with a lilies bouquet is that it does not look as romantic as roses and carnations do and they don’t evoke as much energy as gerberas. This is why Regalo Manila included it as the fourth best gift for mothers as they evoke that feminine feel without being too romantic or energetic.

- Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Last but not the least; Regalo Manila had also included their elusive Ferrerro Rocher bouquet in their Mother’s selection. After all, Regalo Manila is not oblivious to the fact that most people associate food with their mothers. This is the reason why the company thinks that sons and daughters should return the favor to their mothers by sending them a creative Ferrero Rocher bouquet.

Regalo Manila hopes that they have kept their roster with as much variety as they can so that their clients have a good amount of products to choose from. Each of these products has been presented in their expo so that potential buyers can see the actual appearance of their products before they order.