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Regalo Manila Now Preparing for Mother's Day


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Mother’s day is said to be a day that is dedicated to mothers. A day like this has been created not only to appreciate mothers but also to commemorate the good things that they have done for their sons or daughters. This day is usually celebrated with some gifts that will almost always include some flowers.

Since Regalo Manila is a popular online gift shop that is known for their floral arrangements, they have now started to get themselves ready for the big day. In fact, Regalo Manila had made the following preparations.

A Meeting on the Event Ordering Cutoff

The first thing they have discussed is the event ordering cutoff. As with other events that they have encountered, there seems to be a lot of people ordering on the day itself. What is even more surprising for them is that these people who ordered late are usually the most demanding. To prevent their company from biting on more than they can chew, they have decided to implement an ordering cutoff that will allow them to easily manage orders.

Delivery Strategy

Another topic that they have discussed is the delivery strategy. One of the things that their leaders have noticed is the fact that their delivery can get quite messy on events. This is not because they have failed to organize everything. The reason behind this is usually some mix ups on their delivery men or the failure to route deliveries properly. They have already lined up a meeting to discuss this issue.

Customer Service Strategy

The next aspect is customer service. In fact, they have said that this is the most important. This is because every business thrives on its customers. Without a solid customer service strategy, it is quite hard to address questions on the event itself. In this meeting, some canned responses as well as a protocol on how to answer questions will be discussed.

Gift Preparation Strategy

Last but not the least is gift preparation. This is a strategy that is meant specifically for their florists and packers who will take care of all gift items on Mother’s Day. As they have experienced on Valentine’s Day, they will need a bigger space to pack all items as the orders on that day is incredibly high.

With these preparations, Regalo Manila hopes to be ready just in time for the big day. For Regalo Manila, it is better to come prepared than have some regrets later.