Regalo Manila

Regalo Manila: The First Regalo Padala Service in the Philippines


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- As Regalo Manila celebrates its success as the longest running top online gift delivery service in the Philippines, they have also decided to take a trip back in time to show the world about its humble beginnings. After all, Regalo Manila started as a small company that is only comprised of two people. From here, it grew into the trusted online gift shop that it is known today.

At the beginning, Regalo Manila cannot be really called as a company. While it is a sole proprietor type of company, it is still way too small to be called a company when it was starting out. In fact, it can only be called as a simple online store that had two owners.

At the beginning, the concept of ‘regalo padala’ is new to all people. In fact, some could not even imagine how the process can be executed. For those that don’t know, Regalo Padala (or online gift delivery in English) is a method where orders are made in another country and then it is shipped in an area in the Philippines. The owner thought about the idea as he had also lived in another country and he found that there is no such service that caters to people who live in other countries but wants to send gifts to the Philippines. This gave him a good business idea to execute and that’s what he did.

The beginning was tough simply because the concept was new. However, the owner knows that it does not matter that the concept is new as long as there is a lasting need for the service. Being the pioneer in Regalo padala service in the Philippines, it did not take long for them to become the top online gift shop in the Philippines that caters to as much as 1000 regular customers around the globe.

And true enough, their market soon became accustomed to what they are offering. From a two-man team, the team of Regalo Manila grew until it included a team of customer service representatives, delivery men, florists and Internet marketers.

For Regalo Manila, the risk is worth taking because they are fulfilling a need. After all, a business is dead if all it does is focus on money. A real business is something that gives value to other people’s lives. As long as it fulfills a need, then you can expect it to last long.

Regalo Manila decided to take a trip back in time just because they want to inspire others. They know that there are people like them who want to succeed in an online business but had not just found their niche yet. For Regalo Manila, the key to success will always be courage and trust that everything will work out fine. After all, if the owner did not have the courage to take that leap in the beginning, then it would not have given birth to the company that it has today. Sometimes, people really have to take some risks so that they can succeed. This is the lesson that Regalo Manila wants to impart as they take a trip back to the first days of their business. After all, no one can really connect the events by looking forward. You can only see how everything is unfolding to how it is supposed to be as one looks back.