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Regenera Prolotherapy Reveals New Mobile Device Friendly Website Design


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2016 -- Regenera Prolotherapy is pleased to announce it recently launched a completely redesigned mobile device friendly website. The prolotherapy clinic in Mississauga focuses on providing regenerative therapies that include cellular and non cellular prolotherapy treatments, hyperbaric oxygen and IV nutrition for people suffering from painful conditions and alternative to pain medications, surgery, steroid injections, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

The reason Regenera Prolotherapy opted for the new website design was due to the shifts in people's online browsing habits in recent years. Today, people use their smartphones and tablets more often to search for and view online content. As such, it is vital for healthcare and pain management providers to make information easily accessible to people, regardless of how they prefer to browse online, and make the content viewable on any device or screen size.

Making information about prolotherapy procedures and treatments readily available is essential in order to let people know they have a safe and affordable option, without the need for surgery or medications and one of the best ways to so this is to provide the information online through a mobile device friendly website.

According to Dr. Janjua, "While prolotherapy has been around since the 1950s, it is only recently it has gained popularity with both practitioners and patients that desire permanent and real results for pain caused from injuries, certain disabilities and certain medical conditions." In fact, many people do not even know they can maintain an active lifestyle, continue to work, participate in physical fitness activities, and other normal routines while receiving prolotherapy treatments.

Prolotherapy treatments at Regenera Prolotherapy can be used to address a wide array of painful conditions within the body including:

-Shoulder Pain
-Neck Pain
-Joint Pain
-Elbow Pain
-Spine and Back Pain
-Knee and Leg Pain
-Hand and Wrist Pain
-Foot and Ankle Pain

When used in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and proper nutrition can greatly enhance healing potential.

To learn more about Regenera's prolotherapy treatment options for addressing pain, visit their official website at or call 647-715-2104 to schedule a consultation appointment.

About Regenera Prolotherapy
Regenera Prolotherapy was founded to address the need for better solutions for addressing pain and health management. The objective of this Mississauga prolotherapy clinic is to provide patients with proven medical techniques that are both functional and effective at addressing their pain, while at the same time helping to promote healing from injuries. In addition, Regenera Prolotherapy offers solutions for people suffering from chronic and long-term pain conditions, so they might be able to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, with minimal disruptions caused by their conditions.