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Regent Healthcare Now Offering Companion Care This August


Hanover, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Regent Healthcare, a company that offers home health care in Baltimore, is pleased to announce that they are now offering companion care this August. Companion care is the perfect solution to relieve family members throughout the day from all the duties required when caring for an elderly loved one.

Taking care of an elderly loved one on a day-to-day basis can become very stressful and not everyone has the extra time or patience to do as much as they would like to. Their loved one may not be ready for a full time retirement home, but they also can’t be left alone in their own home all day. Regent Healthcare is offering the perfect solution to this situation that occurs within many families. Hiring a Regent Healthcare companion will provide many benefits to not only the patient, but also for their family members.

The hired companion caretaker will aid in exercising the patient’s cognitive abilities by playing card games and reading. They will cook and prepare meals and help with diet and healthy eating. They will help with basic organization and reminders of appointments, social events, and outings. The companion caretaker can also help with cleaning the house and assisting with laundry. All of these services will not only benefit the patient, but it will help a family member with this responsibility. Everyone wants to help their loved one as they grow older, but it’s not always possible to help as much as needed. Everyone has busy schedules with work, children, and a home of their own. It can be almost impossible to take an elderly loved one to numerous doctors’ appointments when working a full time job.

Before considering a full time care center, call Regent Healthcare today for home care in Baltimore and inquire about their Companion Care program. It may just be the perfect solution to the needs of everyone in the family.

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At Regent Healthcare, their mission is to provide those in need of home care needs based upon interests, preferences, and special needs so that one is matched with the right caregiver. They are committed to building and starting off with a trusting relationship, which is why they only have the highest caliber staff of healthcare professionals on their team. The professionals at Regent Healthcare ensure customers the most suitable caregivers are chosen based on one’s requirements. With superior customer service, support and passion for assisting others, they are able to provide clients with the best experience possible.

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