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Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Finansu sprendimai offers services of a financial advisor that assists in company registration in Lithuania. It is a licensee of the company of Fin. Adviser. The services offered include counseling in the areas of accounting, investment, reorganization, archive management services and consulting. Activities of the company are insured at professional civil liability insurance.

The company offers financial solutions in order to achieve a higher return on capital. This helps clients in from facing financial crisis. It has a team of experienced specialists who deliver quality service at lower cost. It provides solutions to the clients financial and tax problems and help in preparation of a financial plan that is essential when applying for a loan.

Lithuania is one of the European countries with lowest wages and skilled workforce. Finansu sprendimai primarily focuses on providing company registration services in Lithuania. It helps the clients in establishing a new business without wasting time and money. It helps in reducing the expenses of building a new work place. The client has the option to choose the type of business he needs to establish. Limited company, public enterprise, sole proprietorship, general partnership, charity and support fund, stock company, and association are a few types listed in the company’s website.

Finansu sprendimai claims that it requires only two working days to establish a company. The company helps in setting up the business after proper analysis of the amount of risk acceptable to the client. It facilitates the establishment of a company within the approved capital of 10.000 LTL. It offers fast and reliable service with respect to registration of the company in Lithuania. The company also offers solutions regarding financial management.

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Finansu sprendimai is a financial advisory company that offers solutions regarding company registration and establishment. It assists the client with all legal and economic processes pertaining to the same.

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