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Chico, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- Dependence on alcohol or drugs may lead to a series of dangerous mental as well as physical health issues. This can even destruct relationships and the entire life of the addict. People related to addicts, especially their family members, friends and well-wishers, should carefully understand a number of facts before making a decision to rehabilitate them. All information and details regarding drug or alcohol rehab are now available from the website The online source Rehab Addict aims to shed light on how addiction affects families and the role of the members of the family in the process of rehab. In addition, the website also provides useful tips to assist addicts in overcoming their dependence.

The process involved in alcohol or drug rehab is not simple, and hence all family members and loved ones of the addicts should prepare and plan for the recovery. Addicted people usually live in a world of denial, and loved ones should realize this fact and support them to overcome this state of mind. According to Rehab Addict, the relatives of the addict also suffer from a unique condition named codependency. The feelings, emotions, thoughts and views of the relatives might be controlled by the destructive behavior of the addicts, and this can create severe issues. Detailed information about various conditions can also be obtained from the website.

The website says, “The recovery of the addict’s family is needed to holistically heal all the damage caused by the addiction in the family system. Children are not immune to codependency.”

The process of rehabilitation and the intervention required by the members of the family are clearly stated in Rehab Addict. Addicts as well as the family should need time to recover from the negative effects of addictions. New visitors can go through the video testimonials of families in recovery, provided on the website The rehabilitation process will make a person sufficiently strong enough to mentally and physically overcome the drug or alcohol addiction. Proper education, care, love, support and treatment help addicts to recover and lead a normal life like any other individual.

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