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Rehabilitacion Urbana Launches to Become the New Premier Source of Paleo Diet Resources

Rehabilitacion Urbana is a new website launching on December 1st that will play host to leading expertise on the Paleo diet for those interested in natural nutrition.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Based on evolutionary medicine, the Paleo diet asserts that man’s digestive system has barely changed since the hunter-gatherer societies that created human civilization two and a half million years ago. Industrial farming has provided a nutritionally impoverished diet which has reached its zenith with processed meals and fast foods, and for many the Paleo diet provides an appropriate response to this extreme. For those interested in finding out more about the Paleo diet, Rehabilitacion Urbana ( is being constructed with the aim of becoming the premier Paleo resource center online.

The site will launch on December 1st and plans to feature articles and editorials written by Paleo nutrition experts, designed to introduce the diet plan to those who may be hearing about it for the first time, as well as giving exclusive insights to those who are already enthusiasts and practitioners.

The site also plans to host multimedia content and recipes, together with discussions of the finer points of Paleo and the latest emerging trends. The site also plans to describe the latest investigation and scientific research into the Paleo diet to represent the most accurate facts as they emerge. In this way, the site will become a community hub, lifestyle magazine, forum and recipe book rolled into one.

A spokesperson for Rehabilitacion Urbana explained, “The Paleo diet provides a healthy alternative lifestyle for busy people as well as an optimized nutritional intake for athletes. We aim to give equal weight to the different incarnations of Paleo nutrition including raw food intake and plant-to-animal ratios in order to provide information and resources for users who subscribe to the different forms it takes. Ultimately, we believe the highest ideal of the Paleo diet is to return to a more natural form of nutrition that better serves the body and mind, and we aim to represent this ideal by creating the best resources available anywhere.”

About Rehabilitacion Urbana
Rehabilitacion Urbana has been created with the goal of becoming the number one resource for Paleo nutrition. The site will regularly update its expansive resource center with multimedia materials including articles and editorials, video and PDF resources to help those interested in a Paleo diet get all the information, guidance and inspiration they need to make the best choices for their body. For more information, please visit: