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Reinforce Defense Weak Areas to Enjoy FIFA14 More


Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- In FIFA 14 match, how to create more scoring opportunities is very important, but how to avoid rivals creating so many chances is also very important. In the Fifa 14 Ultimate Team game, a defensive position error may let you lose the game. First you have to avoid exposing the weaknesses. You can make a list to see what area losing the ball, in order to determine your defensive weak area.

Best team also needs proper formation: it is note that when you choose the best team in the game, it does not mean that your defense will automatically become perfect. Bayern Munich, for example, their overall defensive ability will make you satisfied. Then into the choice of team formation interface, if you're always lost the ball in the middle area, so you can use 5-3-2, of course, you can choose four backs system tactics.

Use the best defensive player: choose the best defensive player as a start. For players on both sides of the defender (left behind) acceleration is one of the most important one annulus. So the player needs a central defender jumping ability over 85. Don't forget to make arrangement for your own weakness area. Even you may need much fifa 14 ut coins to exchange for the better defensive player, you will get much benefit.

Defensive cross: stadium on both sides of the ball crosses scoring is the commonly used means of scoring in the FIFA 14, especially when the opponents have a higher centre forward, it is time-tested. In order to curb center, you must curb center anticipation before he began to center and destroy his intention of the ball.

Using the corresponding buttons steals or sliding (if necessary). If opposite has been formed center, and then you have to try to quickly switch when the ball flew to the area to the nearest point of defenders. Then press shots/tackling key rob before attacking players head, don't let the ball go to the other’s hand so that you may lose the chance earning fifa 14 coins. Don't let the goalkeeper to attack the ball; this is not a good idea.


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