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Rejoicing News Was Published by World Bank Lighting Global to Encourage Chinese Private Company Solar Run to Help More off-Grid People Access Clean Energy


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2020 -- Renowned Chinese manufacturer, Solar Run recently announced plans to assist off-grid people in accessing cleaner energy. Solar Run is among China's leading solar energy companies, and one of the earliest pioneers of PAYGo-enabled solar home systems. As a company, their primary goal has always been to offer cost-effective and affordable consumer options.

Solar Run was pleased to unveil their new project where they plan on working alongside World Bank and Apollo – a large solar home system that provides households with lightning and entertainment needs. Solar Run's effective PayGo platform helped smoothen the way during this process as they saved up on tech costs while boosting sales.

The Chinese manufacturer currently operates in over 39 countries, serving a client-base of over 150,000 people. Their products meet the lightning global quality standards. Solar Run's years of experience have allowed them to achieve this certification for their brand.

"The scale of this project required not only power for household lighting or appliances, but also solutions to power community infrastructures such as farming tools, schools and health centers. Certifying our products to the Lighting Global Quality Standards provided the EASE program with an extra insurance of quality," Apple Li, sales manager at Solar Run, said.

"Additionally, in partnership with Vodacom, we are promoting these energy services through Vodacom shop network. With over 3,000 locations, this will bring tremendous marketing value to PAYGo solar and our products."

The company is introducing a solar media solution which will provide consumers with easier access to information for educational use. Their solar media kit comes equipped with LED lights, phone chargers and a 7-inch pad that works as a media center. Users will be able to browse through a variety of content that serves as education for children, as well as a font of knowledge for agricultural purposes. In addition to this, one will gain service information and government podcasts. The first pilot for this service is set to operate in India.

About Solar Run
Solar Run assists people by offering them reliable, affordable and environmental solar solutions for off-grid areas. The company aims to replace the use of outdated kerosene lanterns and candles with modern solar energy that can power lights, cellphones, TVs, fans and other small electronic devices. Their end goal is to empower off-grid people.