Relationship Advice Website Provides Sure Fire Tips on How to Flirt with a Friend Through Text Messaging


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- eLove Central, one of the leading relationship advice websites, reveals some of the best tips to text flirt with a friend. Flirting is a game that helps in creating that fire of passion between two people. A survey states that men get turned on through seductive text messages very quickly. For anyone wanting to learn how to flirt with a friend through text, the tips provided by eLove Central are invaluable and will help anyone go a long way with their relationship endeavors.

One of the first important tips the website shares is to message a guy late at night. Night is the only time when a person's "thoughts" usually get naughty and there are several cell phone chatting applications that help a persona know whether someone whom they are trying to chat with is online or not. So eLove Central encourages people to not miss the opportunity and text a casual start. They also give real life examples of starting a naughty conversation such as “Hey, are you not able to sleep because I am on your mind?” or “Hi there, what thoughts are keeping you up at this hour of the night?” So if a person doesn’t know what type of texts to send, eLove Central provides great examples.

The website also advise people to be creative. No matter how many websites a person searches to learn on how to text flirt with a friend, in the end a person needs to be creative. eLove Central also suggests that women should instinctually know once a guy is responding in a positive manner which is the time for women to get naughtier. Just as people speak in real face to face conversations, a person can use words of the sounds that are made in real life to ignite the fire in a person’s heart.

Editor of eLove Central, Shawn Sandoval, also gives out great advice saying one should appreciate to be appreciated. It is a rule that people who appreciate others get appreciated themselves. Hence, he recommends that people use the following tips to appreciate a special someone. Shawn goes on to say that no matter what a person does, to always remember, not to push too hard or the person might just get turned down. Readers will find a plethora of great ideas and stimulate their brain cells with different types of text messages and reminders to stay on track such as to always remember to end text message statements using "..."  and to use the emoticons on a cell phone to add the emotions to one’s statements. There are many more tips on how to text flirt with a friend; this wealth of information can be found at eLove Central.

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