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Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- is a website that has been developed to provide advice and tips to single women of every age trying to land Mr. Right. Finding, developing and preserving love can be complicated for everyone; however, finding the right guy and keeping the spark alive seems to be the most difficult for women. Dating gurus at wish to help make things easier for women though effective advice and reviews of various relationship advice programs. Recently they shared 15 of their ultimate essentials that men find attractive in women.

The dating experts believe that humor is a great way of attracting people, the quintessential parts of a great sense of humor is good timing and wit - humor is a way to show off presence of mind, a relaxed and an upbeat attitude which hard to ignore.

Wearing the color red has also been suggested by experts. The website states: "Red is the color of romance, love and sex. And men love a woman in red. There's likely a biological reasons for our interest in this color. Other species use red a lot when trying to attract a mate so he might be hard-wired to overly appreciate when you wear red." The color red has long been associated with love; red roses, red hearts and red lips all evoke that certain feeling within that makes women more attractive. Stylists suggest that women can try to incorporate red into their outfit through accessories or going all out by wearing a sensuous red dress to make a lasting impression. The color red is also great for confidence as well.

Another tip shared by the gurus advises women to tone down the make-up. For women, the idea of a sexy look might involve a bold smoky-eye look and lipstick but in contrast, men seem to appreciate a more toned down natural look. According to the dating experts, the reason why most men are not into the heavy make-up look is because it makes them wonder what the makeup is trying to conceal.

For other tips and advice, please visit: dating gurus have also reviewed many of the dating advice programs to help women make an informed choice about the program they should invest money in to get the best results. A review of Text Your Ex Back was added to the website recently.

About was created by a few close women friends who wanted to make the process of finding a good partner a little easier for women who've had difficulty finding love in the past. The website features dating advice, tips and reviews. A recent explainer video can be found here.

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