Relationship Success Methodology Helps Singles Prepare for Lastin Love and Takes Couples from Pissy to Blissy

Love Consciousness Elevator® provides couples with a roadmap to creating relationship success


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- It seems harder than ever for singles to find lasting love these days, and the staggering divorce rate shows that too many couples give up because they don’t have the right tools.

A new methodology from relationship and dating expert Dr. Darshana Hawks called the Love Consciousness Elevator helps singles and couples better understand what’s really going in with their relationships, and begin to fix what’s broken in a way that brings consistent and lasting success.

The Love Consciousness Elevator lays out 11 levels that represent the environment or dynamic a relationship dwells in. “It’s kind of like the barometer reading on a relationship,” says Dr. Hawks. See graphic below.

“Many people think of only two feelings when it comes to relationships – love and hate. But there are actually nine other levels possible between those extremes,” says Dr. Hawks. “Most people dwell in a consciousness somewhere in between, with occasional glimpses into the love and hate extremes. They can’t seem to consistently break free into a positive perspective, and over time, it just gets worse. The real problem is that many couples get stuck in one dynamic, and then try to leap too far, when they would have far more success by aiming for a gradual climb up the scale. The result is a feeling of failure, and they begin to lose hope that they can even have a loving relationship.”

Lower levels of consciousness include things like resentment, complaint and criticism. Dr. Hawks says the lower five levels of love consciousness feel so miserable because at these levels of consciousness, a person believes that the other person actually causes their happiness or unhappiness. “They are not aware that nothing outside of them actually causes their feelings, so they feel powerless,” she says.

The upper six levels – like gratitude, support, appreciation and love – occur when the person realizes they have internal power and control over how they feel. The bottom levels end and the top levels begin at the mid-level consciousness called “acceptance.” “Once a person stops struggling and starts to accept that things aren’t perfect, they can consciously begin to improve the situation,” says Dr. Hawks.

The goal with the Love Consciousness Elevator is to help singles identify their predominant relationship patterns so they can stop them and create something better, and to help couples gradually move up the scale until they are consistently experiencing positive feelings and interactions.

To apply the methodology, couples and singles identify their consciousness in 12 areas of their relationships, such as intimacy, money and communication. “Once they know the consciousness of their relationship, it is so much easier to build toward something better,” says Dr. Hawks.

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