Launches a New Mobile Responsive Website

Individuals may need relationship advice regardless of where they are and this shift to a responsive website allows them to obtain this information in a timely manner, reports Relationship Advice Help


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- announces the launch of a new mobile responsive website. The company recognizes individuals are shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices, such as tablets, and wishes to ensure they can access the information they need while on the go. The new website enables a user to obtain information and advice from the device of their choosing, without sacrificing functionality in the process.

"Sitting at home after a breakup or when there are problems in a relationship is something many people prefer not to do. They want advice on how to bring the relationship back to its former glory, however, and the new website allows them to do so. Now is the time to check the new site out, so you can have the love you have always dreamed of," Will Scott, spokesperson for, reports.

According to, 71 percent of individuals report they continuing thinking about their ex after they break up, and 57 percent state this interferes with their ability to find someone new. Both sexes report this is a problem for them, although more women (74%) report this is an issue than men (64%). In situations such as this, one person may decide to make an attempt to reconnect with their former partner, and help is available for those who wish to do so.

"Visit the Magic Of Making Up Review on the site to learn how to make this connection once again. This program has seen great success and promises to help individuals stop a breakup or divorce or find a way to overcome a lover's rejection. The program offers a unique perspective on the end of the relationship, by addressing it as a way to repair a problem that has come up. It's definitely something every person looking to make up with an ex should consider making use of," Scott continues.

Social media plays a role in a person's inability to move past a relationship. In fact, goes on to say 59 percent of individuals remain friends on social network sites following their breakup. Actually, 48 percent state they have viewed an ex's page on a social network site after the split, and nearly three-quarters state they have looked up a former partner online. These statistics may suggest it is time to rekindle the flame with someone from the past.

"What many don't realize is relationships typically end long before the actual break. Why let it get to this point? Once a problem has been identified, action needs to be taken. provides advice and tips for those who want to bring the romance back. Two people fall in love for a reason, and there will always be that attraction deep down inside. Bring it to the surface again with the help of our site, as you deserve to be happy in every area of your life," Scott states.

About supplies answers to common relationship challenges ranging from the annoying to the emotionally devastating. The expert advice helps individuals repair their relationship, one that has broken down after years of neglect or struggling from a trauma such as infidelity. Learn how to attract the desired individual and enjoy the benefits of a bond that is both healthy and lasting. This site provides the information individuals need to achieve this goal.