Relaxing Sounds Music Releases New Album, Now Available on Spotify

The White Noise Generator that Harmonizes Body and Soul, Also Useful for Sleep and Study


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- is pleased to release the White Noise Radiance, the latest album which is designed to aid in relaxation, sleep and study sessions. The previous Radiance albums include sounds such as the Rain, Study, Loopable, Ocean Waves, Binaural Beats, Spa, Nature, Relaxing and Meditation. The White Noise Radiance comes with 57 different reverberations; Sweeping white noise, white noise for sleep, white noise mountain, white noise for tinnitus, celestial white noise, etc. are a few to mention.

The White Noise Generator and all its sounds are now available on Spotify at The benefits of white noise are many. The music has the ability to mask ringing in ears also known as tinnitus. The soothing music is very effective especially in cases of insomnia or sleeplessness. Studies show that humans can sleep better with comforting music playing in the background. The White Noise Machine is just an attempt to help people sleep better and experience sound sleep every night.

To download the white noise machine visit

Relaxing Sounds Music, is a record label, a White Noise Generators and a home to relaxing sounds. This record label records relaxing music and nature sounds. They have recorded 10 albums with melodious sounds and soothing music.

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