Relay Spray

Relay Markets Disinfectant Spray to Restaurants and Hotels

Relay promotes disinfectant spray in bulk quantities to cafes, restaurants and hotels internationally. Use the spray to clean tabletops and countertops.

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Norwich, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Relay introduces ready-to-use disinfectant spray to cafes, restaurants, hotels, and diners across the global. The bottles are available individually, six- pack, 250-pack, and 500-pack. One bottle costs £2.88 which is really reasonable and efficient. Large hotel and restaurant establishments can save enormously when buying the bulk packs.

The chemicals are environmentally safe to use on tabletops after each service. There are no harsh smells that may irritate the eyes, throat, or skin. It kills bacteria instantly and is safe to use on most surface materials, including wood. The disinfectant spray doesn’t leave wooden tables and chairs stained nor does it causes damages.

Relay is effective on stainless steel and other type of materials. It can be used in the lobby areas of hotels, dining area, and bar. The disinfectant spray is versatile and is usable on various furnishings. It keeps areas clean and sanitised at all times during and after services. Relay sprays are good to use in businesses and it works to clean tables and other furniture in the home.

A spokesperson said, “Relay Spray was tested in restaurants and the home. It is proven to be effective and reduces bacterial build-up on dining furniture. Use the product in home the to keep table tops, island-tops, and bar surface bacteria-free.”

About Relay Spray
Relay Spray is a distributor of anti-bacterial cleansing sprays international to hotels and food service establishments. The company sells products in singles or large quantities to help businesses save on maintenance expenses. To learn more about costs and how to purchase Relay Spray, visit the website. Save and receive a quality product that is environmental friendly.