Happy Systems Administrator Day

Smart-Soft sends its congratulations to system administrators on the day of their professional holiday.


Kolomna, Moscow Region -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2011 -- The last Friday in July is a system administrator’s favourite day. It's their professional holiday! The holiday was first celebrated in 2000. The holiday was the brainchild of American systems administrator Ted Kekatos who was inspired by an advert for Hewlett-Packard laser jet printers which showed a line of employees bringing gifts for the IT guy.

Since Ted had installed the exact same printers he asked his colleagues, “Where are my tokens of appreciation?” but they just laughed. Which is how Ted ended up sending invitations to his friends to celebrate Systems Administrator Day. By meeting up with his system administrator friends for a picnic, Ted Kekatos began the tradition of honouring system administrators around the world on this day!

Unfortunately, for the rest of the time the work of a system administrator is hard and not always that obvious at first glance. Especially when the mail is coming in like clockwork, the printer is working and the servers are running. But as soon as the Internet crashes, a system administrator is there to help. It is only you, dear system administrators, who know these magic rituals, who can remove damaged data from a notebook, who can bring any network back to life, who can chase those evil SMS-spirits from our monitor screens. Without you, the work of almost any company could easily grind to a halt.

Today, Smart-Soft is delighted to wish all those irreplaceable server room toilers a happy Systems Administrator Day and wishes them smarter users, fewer technophobes and a long uptime.

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