Andrew Braithwaite

New Health Screening & Ultrasound Centre Opening in Manchester Offering Patients Greater Choices


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2011 -- With growing demand on healthcare services and the current public sector spend freeze, NHS waiting lists may well inevitably increase. Patients not wanting to wait will have to turn to private healthcare providers. The new this is my: health screening and ultrasound centre will offer patients a fast, affordable, direct access appointment system to check their health and future wellbeing.

With growing public demand for quality medical care a national UK leading health screening and ultrasound centre will open their new premises in Manchester at 3 – 5 St John Street, on 19th September 2011.

The new Centre is located in an area often referred to as the private medical hub of Manchester as many doctors, dentists and other private medical providers already have establishments there.

The new this is my: Manchester Screening Centre will provide patients with all important choices and allows them to book an appointment directly with a trusted private medical provider offering them fast reassurance. With advances in medical technology, private healthcare has never been so affordable.

With prices from just £80.00 for an ultrasound scan, many patients can even redeem this cost from their private health insurer.

this is my: health screening and ultrasound centre has seen a marked increase in patients requesting diagnostic and screening scans in particular for pregnancy, general body /pelvic imaging, musculoskeletal and vascular scans including carotid artery imaging which detects increased risk of suffering from a stroke.

this is my: health screening and ultrasound centre in Leeds has an established record as a centre of excellence, providing screening and ultrasound services, including its optimum pregnancy care combined chromosomal first trimester screening test known as Addmark®.

The NHS seems to be straining yet the demand for health screening and ultrasound imaging including pregnancy services increases.

Women are understandably particularly worried about their baby and the demand for first trimester Down’s screening is increasing, so many are turning to private clinics. With the window of opportunity being only 3 weeks from 11 – 13 weeks for first trimester screening it is a crucial time when a delay can mean the difference between optimal or sub optimal testing. This important time window is also for many the first opportunity to see pictures of their baby and more importantly the ideal opportunity to check for chromosomal and structural abnormalities including Down’s syndrome.

The Centre in Leeds, with over 8 years’ experience, has a proven track record of offering the optimal screening test, Addmark®, which puts 6 times fewer pregnancies at risk from invasive diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling ( CVS) than the combined screening offered by the NHS.

As patients’ time waiting for appointment grows longer on the NHS, the need to see professionals including obstetricians, radiologists, specialists and midwives also grows longer.

The aims of the new this is my: Manchester Screening Centre are simple - no waiting lists, fast access to an appointment, quality medical care and full medical reporting which can be emailed directly to the client’s doctor or healthcare professional for effective follow-up should it be required.

Given the increasing demand for healthcare across the UK, and the Government’s commitment to build private public partnerships with quality healthcare providers strengthening, Jonathan Day, Group Commercial Director at this is my: health screening and ultrasound centres stated today that

“The number of enquiries from people living within the Northwest region, in particular Manchester, has risen significantly. We took the decision to open a new centre in Manchester offering screening and ultrasound services as a result of the demand we see from patients contacting our Leeds Centre and who are willing to travel across the Pennines to see us there.

We see the need for patients to have fast access to affordable private healthcare services closer to their homes. It is an exciting time both for this is my: as a growing company but also for the public as this will expand the choices available to them”.