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Payday Loan Website Helps People Short on Cash Get the Money They Need


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2011 -- There is nothing quite as stressful as the feeling of not having enough money to pay the bills. Perhaps the car needed new tires, the kids required clothes and supplies for back to school, or an unexpected medical emergency struck a member of the family. No matter what the reason, too many people are all too familiar with what it’s like to not have quite enough in the bank to cover expenses until the next payday comes around.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to help people get the emergency money they need right away through the help of a payday loan, but without the hassle of multiple application processes or a lot of time waiting for approval at a bank.

Payday Quick Cash Loans has helped scores of customers with its easy-to-use application process and quick turnaround time. Since it opened for business, the company has helped grateful clients get more than funds—it has also helped get them peace of mind.

“You can loan up to £750 in the UK and have the quick cash deposited in your bank account in no time,” said company spokesperson Michael Dunage, adding that customers apply for their payday loan right from the website.

“Payday UK loans or quick cash instant loans online for fast money are all we do. It only takes a minute to receive approval.”

Because Payday Quick Cash Loans is a referral service for direct lenders as opposed to a payday lender company, Dunage said customers end up benefiting from the payday loan lenders in the network all competing for their business.

“They process your quick loans online as soon as possible,” he said, adding that the website is also well-suited for those with less than stellar credit.

Using the website is easy and efficient, and can be completed in three easy steps. First, customers complete the application online, right from the comfort of their own home. It only takes a few minutes to fill out, and in over 98 percent of the cases, it takes less than one minute to get approval.

Second, the direct loan lender will review the payday loans application and accept the agreement, again all through the website. Finally, the loan application will be processed and clients often receive their money within an hour to their bank account, depending on the lender’s processing cycle.

For more information about Payday Quick Cash Loans, please visit http://www.paydayquickcashloans.co.uk