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Junior Tennis Academy in Florida Producing the Next Generation of Tennis Professionals for the USA


Longboat Key, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2011 -- The game of tennis has changed. Americans past dominance of the sport is now largely overshadowed by their Europeans opponents. Currently there is only 1 American professional male in the top 10 of the ATP and not even one female in the top 30 of the WTA. So what happened? How could a nation that dominated professional tennis through the 90’s and early 2000’s be at such a disadvantage in this new era of the sport?

According to Eagleton/Ferreira tennis, which is considered to be one of the most physically intensive junior tennis camps in the world, the answer lies within the court itself- Clay, which is the counterpart to hard court surfaces, has literally dethroned Americans from their past reign of professional tennis.

According to Eagleton/Ferreira tennis (EFT), American players don’t utilize clay courts nearly enough during their training, especially when compared to Europeans. Unlike hard court surfaces, clay doesn’t assist with the speed and power of the game. Instead it slows it down, and demands extended levels of strength and agility to play it with any efficacy. Mastering clay is essential on the professional level, and it magnifies a player’s command of the court during hard surface play.

EFT was created with the express intent to give American tennis the opportunity to get back in the top rankings. Focusing all of their training on clay courts, the academy is currently producing professional caliber players on both the ATP and WTA levels.

Eagleton/Ferreira tennis is one of the only academies in the world that gives students the opportunity to work with a former grand slam champion on a day to day basis. It is run by former two time grand slam winner Ellis Ferreira and highly successful professional coach John Eagleton. The intensive physical program is headed by Paul Von Saman.

To say that the training is intensive would be an understatement. The academy only accepts 15 students per year and those who do not give 100% effort on a daily basis are asked to leave the program. “’Go Big or Go Home‘ is very real here,” says the directors.

For a junior Tennis academy, Florida is considered to be the ideal location for the program. Students can enter the academy on either a part time or full time basis, and educational programs are offered as a supplement for the educational needs of the student athletes.

“We believe to become the best player that you can be you must train at the highest level and fully commit to the task,” says the directors. “Extreme Hard work in the right environment over an extended period of time is only path to tennis success.”

EFT is now accepting applications from aspiring tennis professionals. To learn more about Eagleton/Ferreira junior Tennis academy, Florida, please visit: http://www.juniortennisacademyflorida.com/