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World SIM Cards from Clay Telecom


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2011 -- One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its customers can now get tourist specific World SIM Card from the company. Clay’s international roaming SIM card has been created to fulfill all the wireless telecommunication requirements of global tourists. Besides helping users to save 80% on the international roaming charges incurred with the carrier network, this travel SIM helps users to stay connected while traveling to several countries. The tourist specific World SIM Card allows travelers to use a single number while traveling to different nations around the globe.

Commenting on the availability of tourist specific World SIM Card, the Executive Director, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, said, “When traveling to a particular country, tourists should ideally access country specific SIM cards that offer free incoming and the best coverage throughout that particular country. But, when traveling to multiple countries, it would be cumbersome to take different SIM cards for each country. That is why we are providing a World SIM Card to those going to many countries. Besides helping users to save money on exorbitant roaming charges, it also helps them to access one single number in multiple countries.”

Clay Telecom offers global roaming SIM cards in both prepaid as well as post paid variants. International travelers can choose the one that suits them. The prepaid card is good for those wanting to restrict their phone usage while traveling abroad so that they can keep a check on the bills. The postpaid card comes with uninterrupted connectivity and unrestricted usage so that users can freely move across various countries without bothering about recharging.

Adds Mr. Dhawan, “At Clay Telecom, our aim is to provide all possible services for international travelers so that they can enjoy their trip with bothering about their connectivity needs. Our international roaming SIM card is available in both postpaid and prepaid options. This gives them the freedom to choose the most appropriate SIM for their tour depending on their budget and requirements.”

To know more about the tourist specific World SIM Card offered by the company, log on to http://www.clay.co.in/global-roaming-sim-card.html