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Unique Capabilities With Extreme Power: The X5 Frontier Offroad Powerchair

There are power chairs, but then there are power chairs – like that of the X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair. Users can take this unique chair on virtually any kind of terrain that they see fit because its sheer power allows them safe passage.


Hudson, FL -- (SBWIRE) --09/22/2011 -- Top Mobility, online retailers of scooters and power chairs, is proud to announce the addition of the X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair. This unique chair combines the look of a wheelchair with the inexplicable power of a power chair. With mid-wheel drive performance this chair is stable when tackling different types of terrain. What the mid-wheel drive helps do is balance out the wheelchair and depending on the terrain helps move the wheelchair forward with relative ease. The technology that comes standard on this power chair is tremendous and it is designed to be used by all types of users. With six total wheels users find great mobility. It has the ability to climb curbs that are up to 4-inches, which is something not many power chairs or wheelchairs can do. There is also adequate speed that is associated with this mobility device. A maximum of 7.5 miles per hour it goes at a sustained speed that is not too fast or too slow for the comfort of the user.

The X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair also comes with impressive power features. It comes with two high-powered and high-speed 4 pole motors that provide approximately 1300 watts.

These devices are powered with computer-assisted technology. With the high-tech technology involving itself with scooters or power chairs, the chances of providing a stellar performance on and off terrain is heightened. This ingenious chair also comes with a passive steering system. No other chair of this kind has a passive steering system. This eliminates the need for users to attempt tricky spots on the terrain by themselves. Attempting tricky terrain can cause further injury or instability.

In regards to comfort this power chair comes with comfortable, wide seats that are designed to give users maximum comfort. Because comfort plays a key role in the rehabilitation and the stability of the person, this chair is perfect. The back height can get up to 22-inches, which is plenty of room for users to lean back or get into different positions.

Back health is often neglected when designing mobility devices but the X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair emphasizes it by making an automatically taller and more padded back seat.

It is understood that scooter users will come in all heights.

The X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair can ride up to 20 miles on one full charge at maximum speed. 20 miles gives adequate options for users. Going up to 20 miles users can go to the store, go see a friend, or go out for a leisurely ride. The options are certainly there for riders of the X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair.

Top Mobility is proud to announce this addition to their slate of wheelchairs and power chairs because it offers unique assistance to users of all kinds. This chair is about as high tech as they come and is priced well so users can take advantage of its features. When considering buying a power chair or wheelchair consider the X5 Frontier Off Road Power Chair.

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