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Rome Segway and Bike Tour


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2011 -- Rome is an especially unique city, and when you explore it on a segway or bike, you take a sweeping expedition into its history.

Rome is most likely most well regarded for its ancient architectural wonders – yet it is a capital where the current and antique entwine.

The Vatican Museum is often, unsurprisingly, the natural first choice for many a visitor, most prominent, positively, for it’s truly world renowned Sistine Chapel. Whether you delve into the beauty of Rome by means of a bike or a segway, you must stop at this attraction.

Another vital museum to discover is the Capitoline Museum – home to the longest-founded public galleries on the planet. The Capitoline is home to, as well as many other foremost world artists, the works of Bernini and Tintoretti. In any case, Rome is home to some of the most celebrated museums on the planet. You simply must stop at these and explore them in significant depth and detail.

Rome segway tour are ubiquitous. Yet for a truly outstanding, inimitable, and environmentally friendly sightseeing experience, the ideal options are none other than either a segway or bike tour.

Stop at the Colossuem on your segway or bike. The Colosseum seated a mind-blowing 50,000 spectators during its zenith. It is one of the most legendary of Rome’s architectural phenomenons, in conjunction with the forum and the Circus Maximus. The Pantheon is likewise one of the imperative attractions to uncover. Constructed in 125 AD as a temple to the Roman gods, it is truly noteworthy.

The Modern National Galley, in which some of the most vital art of the 19th and 20th centuries resides, is the customary choice for those captivated by contemporary art. You cannot fail to visit the Borghese Gallery, housed in a luxurious seventeenth-century villa. Traverse 20 rooms of unforgettable baroque, antique and Renaissance art in wonderment.

Move effortlessly through antiquarian Rome on your Segway or bike, for stunning views over the capital’s most alluring sights. Either form of transportation encompasses the most eminent attractions of the city in a charming and all-embracing fashion, from the enormous Colosseum, to nigh fearsome Trajan's Column and the magnificent Circus Maximus.

Steer through streets where past events fertile in import and significance have occured, in a city which possesses one of the most enthralling historical narratives on the globe.

Explore antiquarian Rome with most modern means: either a bike or a segway. Become rapt by the magnetism of this old-world capital, for so much more than the customary Rome sightseeing tour experience.