TraceGains, Inc.

Achieving Better Cash Flow and Higher Quality in Food Manufacturing Through Automated Supplier Risk Management

Better Lean Manufacturing and Just-in-Time Inventory


Westminster, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2011 -- Supplier non-compliance, raw material latency, and supply chain disruptions leave food manufacturers with no choice: they waste money and resources on inventory levels that are too high. With advanced control of their suppliers and their ingredient supply chain, innovative companies are now leveraging Lean principles for cutting inventory levels, improving cash flow, and enhancing their bottom line.

Through automated supplier risk management, companies now achieve multiple benefits:

• Minimized supply chain disruptions through continuous monitoring of supplier on-time deliveries. Automated review of all certificates of analysis to insure 100% compliance with ingredient specifications, and alerts manufacturers to any impending problems before the ingredients even reach the dock.

• Reduced safety stock, less spot-market buying, fewer rush freight expenses, and improved cash flow.

• Instant highlighting of supply chain disruption impacts and potential future problems with suppliers and ingredients in graphic dashboards so manufacturers can immediately take action on the most urgent problems.

• Automatic sending of eNotification to the manufacturer and their suppliers alerting both to take action immediately.

• Automated P.O. acknowledgment to insure shortages and negative surprises are reduced or eliminated.

On October 26, TraceGains will be hosting a webinar ( to discuss how existing customers are leveraging TraceGains’ software-as-a-service in their Lean initiatives to achieve just-in-time (JIT) inventory and maximize cash flow.

About TraceGains, Inc.
TraceGains is for quality, purchasing, sourcing, and compliance managers who are dissatisfied with the high cost and high risk of manual tracking and control of ingredients and suppliers. TraceGains is a complete compliance and risk management solution that automates data from paper or electronic filing cabinets and makes it actionable. Unlike ERP, home-grown, or manual systems, TraceGains’ system continuously controls, illuminates, and predicts risk for each ingredient shipment and supplier certification. TraceGains has customers in baking mixes, snack foods, dairy, salad dressings, herbs & seasonings, nutraceuticals, dips, glazes & marinades, beverages, cheese processing and manufacturing, frozen foods, flavor manufacturing, breakfast cereals, dietary supplements, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), Convenience Foods, and Cheese Sauces. More information is available at