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Revamped Online PC Backup Site Reviews & Rates the 10 Best Hard Drive Backup Service Providers

A recent revamp of a leading online pc backup review site, finally reveals an up to date assessment and review of the 10 best online backup service providers, and ranks them from number 1 to number 10 accordingly.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2011 -- With the massive expansion over the past few years of high spec camera phones, as well as mp3’s now being the norm for purchased music, it’s no wonder the world’s data storage needs have exploded. As a consequence to this, the individual data storage capacity needs of people with these devices, including their PC’s and desktop computers as well, has also mushroomed. This has created almost out of thin air, the need for safe and secure storage and backup of most of that data, especially considering much of it is now carried around in our bags and our pockets. It should come as no surprise then, that a new industry of businesses are now offering services promising to provide online hard drive backup capabilities for both computer and mobile. However, it becomes much more of a challenge to ascertain which of these providers is able to provide you with the most effective service that fits your own individuals requirements.

Online PC Backup service providers abound these days, with many of these providers allowing you to upload a certain amount of ‘free’ stored data, before you need to purchase an on-going monthly subscription. The price of these subscriptions seems reasonable, especially if they let people upload everything they have saved, and for peace of mind they let them download it all again in the event of calamity to a new device, Much like an ‘data insurance’ policy, it certainly enables the accumulation of digital data without that impending fear of loss should something untoward happen.

When taking into consideration the options and choices for an Online PC Backup provider, there are several factors that should be considered over and above simply the monthly price, and this includes how easy it is to recover the data, whether the data is backed up automatically and progressively each time a connection is made, whether or not files are able to be shared with other users, as well as many other considerations. Some interesting Online PC Backup facts that the average person probably wouldn’t be aware of is that the average home user backs up approximately 30 GB of data, an average digital photo has a size of 3.1 MB, which means about 325 digital photos can be stored per GB of storage, the average MP3 file size is 3.7 MB, allowing about 275 MP3s per GB, and the most popular file types backed up are: photos, documents (Word, Excel, etc), email, and music.

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